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Start by marking “Tragic Theater” as Want to Read: In February , a group of spirit communicators attempted to exorcise the then-abandoned Manila Film Center of ghosts. Tragic Theater is the first and only novel by Gilbert M. Coronel. G. M. Coronel was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. His first book, TRAGIC THEATER, was published by Visprint in It is a horror novel set inside the. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. G. M. Coronel was born and raised in Manila , Philippines. His first book, TRAGIC THEATER, was published by Visprint in.

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Tragic Theater Book

in trying to make TRAGIC THEATER be more than just a horror story, i think the book lost its identity. and i'm sure it had one when the author. Tragic Theater is a Filipino supernatural horror film based on the book of the same name written by G.M. Coronel, starring Andi Eigenmann, Christopher. The Manila Film Center is a national building located at the southwest end of the Cultural . Filipino author Gilbert M. Coronel released a novel entitled Tragic Theater in The book first tells of the incident. It heads to when the.

All I needed was a moment, to decide to pick it up, to flip to the first few pages, to be completely caught in a night of exorcism that took place at the Manila Film Center in This iconic structure was notorious since the beginning. Inaugurated in to a star-studded International Film Festival with then First Lady Imelda Marcos reigning over the event, the structure failed in subsequent years to live up to its promise. Reports of haunting and a series of bad luck followed the building and any activity held there. The government lost money. The first festival, grand as it was, cost more to produce than it made money. Why was the structure bad luck? Why did security guards regularly hear mysterious voices and sounds of construction work at night? Why did some moviegoers witness ghostly apparitions in the restrooms? Why did government employees feared staying late? Were there poltergeist activities? Maybe the paranormal cloud was the result of the tragic accident during construction, and ruthless decision that followed it, leaving workers dead? The tragedy was a matter of public record. On November 17, , at 2. Officially, there were seven dead.

Another reason why those scenes exist probably to set up a twist in the end, but the twist eventually doesn't justify anything whatsoever. The movie just wastes time by these random sad stories when we would rather seek more of the actual threat. Even the characters fail to be reasonable, most of them make some nonsensical decisions, example is when Annie puts herself and the other spirit communicators in danger so she could answer her cellphone call.

Another part is when one of the exorcists has gone missing and none of them mentions about him or wonders about his whereabouts ever again until they wanted to.

Those, at least, are the worst examples which robs the suspense of losing any of those characters. None of the actors tried to go beyond their usual performance. The best effort here is coming from director Tikoy Aguiluz. His filmmaking skill is the only one that speaks the true horror of the film, aside of the score.

Though, the film still uses silly CGI and jump scares, it often uses practical effects scares, which involves dust, shadows, and creepy animals. And that delivers a lot compellingly than what we usually see in horror today.

There are also some well shot scenes that keeps the movie looking good. The music score is tremendous, giving a strong atmosphere throughout the experience, which made the overall movie kind of feel like an iconic relic.

It's kind of unfair to call Tragic Theater a bad film regarding to how admirable the effort of the director and the filmmakers were towards the project.

This is basically a solid film stuck in a messy, incoherent narrative. The worst parts can't be easily ignored, but we don't often see a local horror film that tries to do something different in this era of the genre.

But the biggest letdown of the film is how less it is about the ghosts or at least the history of the Manila Film Center and anything that is involved with it. I don't even know how and why they'll make another film about the Film Center that would be original.

Basing it on this book, there's really nothing new. Imagine my surprised when one of my favorite childhood book become a big hit one day.

I searched why and I found out that they turned this into a movie. I remember the fact that I told the story of this book to my mom and my cousins be Wow. I remember the fact that I told the story of this book to my mom and my cousins because I really love it. The fact that I love this book not because of it's spooky story but because of the side story of Annie, the protagonist, really get me, I remember that I used to read that part almost 30 times no joke because it's really one of my favorite scene when I was a kid actually until now.

I must say that I'm planning to download a copy again because I'm planning to re-read again before it hit the theater oh the irony and my book pages is already yellow-ish. This is truly one of a great work of the Filipino Literature. I decided to read this again and this is what I think. What I love about this is how it 'promotes' Philippine beauty because it stated different places from the Philippines except for the fact that this targeted Emelda Marcos which I have no care.

Tragic Theater is the first and only novel by Gilbert M. According to his brief biography found at the back of the book, he is an author with no literary background to speak of other than a genuine love of reading and a passion for writing. It was evident on this novel. It had some flaws and the last part was a little bit confusing. For me, the story was rushed and the ending was unimaginative.

The Tagalog dialogue with English translation in some pages definitely just ate up some space Tragic Theater is the first and only novel by Gilbert M. The Tagalog dialogue with English translation in some pages definitely just ate up some spaces from the book with oversize fonts.

Manila Film Center

I admit, this is not what I was expecting from this novel. I thought it was more of an investigation on how the Manila Film Center became a haunted building and what was the mystery behind it, aside from the exorcism of some supernatural beings that were believed to be those of the victims from the fatal accident during its construction.

But all throughout, almost 90 percent of the novel was merely about exorcism. Also, it seems like it was sort of "bitin". I cannot rate this book with one star because I can't say that I didn't liked it. In fact, I feel paralyzed after reading the end of almost every chapter because there were some twists and revelations. For that, I would rate this book with two stars - it was okay, but was not the type of horror book that would excite you the next time you read it again.

I don't want to think about it I'm not a fan and I don't read horror stories, nor watch horror movies. I'm easily get scared, so if you ask me if this one scared me, maybe a little but it didn't made me shut it, dig a hole and bury it I survived it!

However after reading it, I don't want to think about it I don't want to remember what happened to Anne, and their experience inside the Haunted Manila Film Center and so on. It is a fast horror read. You can finish it in one sitting.

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The Secret of the Tragic Theater

Annie is an official in the Tourism Department. First, they need to drive out all of its inhabitance before proceeding to its construction. He seeks for the help of Father Nilo, a close friend of her, to exorcise the building.

But during their procedures, the unexpected happened. The action started in the first few chapters, enough to say that the book is fast paced. One thing I don't like in the Annie is an official in the Tourism Department. One thing I don't like in the book is its unnecessary explanation of historical background of some places. One example is a lengthy description of a chapel which was not necessary. The chapel in the first place is not a major setting, it was just mentioned then the description comes.

It shows that the author researched well but he put in the wrong place. In the first few chapters, Annie is very unlikable. She is very irritating when it comes to her decisions. But you will understand why as the story go on. For me, it seems that Annie and Fr. Nilo have a mutual understand between them. Which is very unlikely with a priest. The author wrote their actions like a couple rather than close friends.

Annie came to the point where she will be a round character but the plot took over pushing her back as a flat character. The writing is also not that good. I like how the author pick his words when writing. The Tagalog dialog, for me, added an emotion to their conversation.

But what I don't like is the English translation after the Tagalog sentences. He should have written the book in purely Tagalog or English instead. The ending is a huge cliff hanger. It is very obvious that there will be a second book. It should be okay but the ending was full of questions that should be answered, which I think is not that good. But personally I want the answers to the questions, making me wait for the second book.

I finished reading the book in one sitting.

Tragic Theater by G.M. Coronel

It's creepy, it's scary and it gave me goosebumps. Sometimes the scenes felt so real, as if I could feel the spirits. The setting was the Manila Film Center which makes it more realistic and some of the facts provided were based on true events.

Great read. Just don't read it at night.

Tragic Theater

Hair-raising tale. Its a very good read, what i like about it is that it is set in a real place.

I love it. As someone who was born in the 90s, this book introduced me to the tragedy that happened in the Manila Film Theater during the reign of the Marcoses. I always liked Filipino horror stories ever since elementary and this is by far one of the best I've read. If the author keeps on writing stories like this, I'll definitely be one of the first ones to read it. Creepy read because I get scared easily. I liked the story, but I found the prose flat.

It would have been creepier if it did more "showing than telling". I guess I was expecting more fleshing out of what happened at the theater, of the Spirit Questors and their relationship with each other, and even the relationship between Fr. Marcelo and Annie. It was like reading a crash course on exorcism. The minor characters were also just there. Also, although I knew that there's a second book, the way Creepy read because I get scared easily. Also, although I knew that there's a second book, the way the story ended left me more clueless.

Still an okay read. This book satisfied my craviness over a horror-suspense story. This brought shivers in every hair strand I have.

Rated it with four stars, though amazingly narrated, i found myself saying "is that it? Is there a book 2? I should have it: Thumbs up for this Filipino Author. There is a great chance that this could happen in real life Or could be happenning. I therefore conclude that this book Be turned into a movie Someday well-written thumbs up to the Author When it's about Horror books, this is so on top of my list. I was drawn to this when I was at a bookstore. The moment I read this I could not stop myself to stop reading so I was able to finish it in one setting I dash to the bookstore for the second book How can i read this?

This story made me more interested! I had no time to be scared as I was busy correcting the book's grammar and mentally slashing out unnecessary words. Great story-telling effort though. Bam Llanto rated it it was amazing Nov 16, Ace rated it liked it Oct 25, Kareena Espina rated it really liked it Dec 20, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers also enjoyed. Videos About This Book. More videos About G. He is currently at work on his third book with a different storyline and setting. Books by G. Trivia About Tragic Theater.

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