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Open the PDF and choose Tools > Protect > Encrypt Requires a password to open file attachments. When you upload a file it is transmitted using a secure connection. Your files are deleted one hour after processing. If we need a password from you, it will not be. There are PDF passwords that can be removed easily. We thoroughly encrypt your files so that it would take many thousands of years to crack your password.

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Password Protected Pdf File

This trick will only work if the PDF doesn't have any printing restrictions. However, many PDF files are just password-protected to provide. Fortunately, PDFs have support for password-protected encryption built directly into the format. Whether you're running Windows or MacOS, there are a few. Follow one of these several free methods to password protect your PDF. Putting a password on a PDF file will help keep the document private.

He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire. Updated April 15, 71 71 people found this article helpful Below are several free ways to password protect a PDF file, a pretty easy thing to do no matter which way you go about it. There are software programs you can download for encrypting the PDF but some are online services that work in your web browser. You might want to apply a document open password to a PDF file you're storing on your own computer so no one can open it unless they know the specific password chosen to encrypt it. Or maybe you're sending the file over email or storing it online, and you want to ensure that only specific people who know the password will be able to view the PDF. Of the few PDF editors that also support encryption, not many of them will do so without adding a watermark to the file, which of course isn't ideal. Keep in mind that these methods are not completely foolproof. You might even already have one of them, in which case it'll be quick and easy to just open the program, load the PDF, and add a password. However, if you're looking for a much faster but still free way to make the PDF have a password, skip down to the next section below for some free online services that can do the exact same thing. All of the programs and services mentioned below work perfectly fine in versions of Windows from XP up through Windows

A convenient trick that works in all operating systems with applications you already have, and the official method that requires Adobe Acrobat.

Both methods assume you know the password to the encrypted PDF file. This may seem a little silly, but you can easily and conveniently remove the password from a PDF file by opening it and printing it to a new PDF.

However, many PDF files are just password-protected to provide encryption and can be printed normally once you provide the password. You can do this in a few ways.

First, open the PDF document and provide the password it requires. This method will work in Chrome on any operating system, but you can perform the same trick with other applications and PDF printers.

Protect PDF

You can do this trick in any PDF viewer on Windows This method also works in other operating systems. First, open the protected document in Preview and provide the password it requires.


Enter a file name and location for your new PDF file when prompted. The new PDF file will have the same contents as the original, but no password.

If you have your password, you can use our free online Unlock tool to remove your password protection. So, keep your password handy, or store your non-protected content in a secure location.

Protect PDF - Protect your PDF documents online

Take control of permissions, including editing, printing, and copying capabilities in your document. We use secure technology to establish an encrypted link between our web server and your browser so that all data remains private. All files uploaded and processed are deleted within a maximum of 24 hours per active session from our web servers.

You can process files on any device, anytime, anywhere through your computer, tablet and smartphone. Drop files here Tap to add files.

How to password protect a PDF

Google Drive Dropbox. Work Offline? Try Desktop Version! Choose a password to Protect your file: Confirm Password: Please fill out password input field Invalid Password spaces are not allowed. Passwords should be same.

Unlock PDF

Protect Reset. Choose a file to protect Choose a confidential file you wish to protect and drag-and-drop it in the box. Select a password Write out the password you wish to use to protect your file and confirm it.

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