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    Forensic Pharmacy Ebook

    Forensic Pharmacy is the foundation of the structure on which the sacred profession of Pharmacy has been built up in our From Vedams eBooks (P) Ltd. Get this from a library! A Textbook of forensic pharmacy. [Thomas Dewar; Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.]. FORENSIC PHARMACY eBook: B S. Dr. Kuchekar, A M. Mr. Khadatare, Sachin C . Mr. Itkar: Kindle Store.

    No part of this book or parts thereof may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any language or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior written permission of the publishers. Kanan - a pharmacist by profession - who has always encouraged me to aim at academic and professional excellence. As a teacher of Forensic Pharmacy for more than three decades at the Bombay College of Pharmacy, Mumbai and University College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kakatiya University, Warangal, I have developed passion for learning more about the Regulations, Associations and their activities, as well as, ethical boundaries of our noble and sacred profession. This profession gives us one time opportunity in our lives to serve the cause of humanity by making our humble contributions to the health care system of the country. I had good opportunity of interacting with different segments of our profession and policy-makers of the country. I had an access to the write-ups of professional meetings, deliberations and amendments to Acts for several years. It is with this strength of confidence backed by my teaching experience of several years, I have ventured to write this book on Forensic Pharmacy with my colleague and trusted friend Prof. Gokhale for the benefit of students of degree and diploma classes in pharmacy. The book is written in simple and lucid manner with understandable interpretation of various Acts and Rules, without diluting overall impact of the subject. The text of Forensic Pharmacy is ever-changing and our efforts were to add commas to the text of the subject thus, facilitating free flow of the knowledge oflegal principles regulating our profession. The historical milestones of various pharma-events and salient features of different Acts and Rules pertaining to profession are integral component of the text. The students of pharmacy, we are sure, will find contents of the book interesting and educative. We thank management of Pharma Book Syndicate especially, Mr. Anil Shah for his efforts in publishing this book.

    The role of a forensic pharmacologist also involves helping the attorney in preparing a cross-examination of the expert on the opposite side.

    Chromatographic Techniques in the Forensic Analysis of Designer Drugs

    The forensic toxicologist is also involved in drug testing and in testifying for the attorney in criminal cases, but a forensic pharmacologist is engaged in forensics in a much broader way. And thus, such subspecialty needs recognition among the Indian pharmacologists.

    Toxicology is concerned with the deleterious effects of the drugs and chemical agents on all living systems. It is defined as the science that involves detection of drugs and poisons in biological specimens and its application for medico-legal purposes. The knowledge of Forensic Pharmacy is essential to understand the legal aspects pertaining to practice of pharmacy. The forensic pharmacist is required to profess and should also be engaged in manufacturing, sale, and distribution of drugs.

    With continued new drug developments, there are multiple new drugs hitting the markets every year. Application of the biotechnological advances to pharmacology and toxicology has widely extended our understanding and overall scope of these subjects. Some drugs can even alter the neurotransmitters and hence lead to a poor impulse control and subsequent aggression in behavior.

    Forensic Pharmacology offers a unique opportunity to expand the existing knowledge of the drugs, their mechanisms, actions, and its medico-legal impacts. It adds additional dimension to forensic medicine and provides a scope for further research.

    It is defined as the application of the sciences of drugs to the application of legal code of conduct.

    Forensic Pharmacy - Dr. B. S. Kuchekar, Mr. A. M. Khadatare, Mr. Sachin Itkar - Google книги

    The forensic pharmacologist needs a specific recognition in his profession because of the highly specific nature of his expertise, skill, and work. Various scenarios where the expertise of a forensic pharmacologist can be useful include: Drug abuse A national survey conducted by the Indian Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in has brought forth the fact that drug abuse was quite commonly seen among Indian males aged 12—60 years.

    The most common abuse was in the use of tobacco These crimes could be the results of the effect of medicine resulting in a change in the behavior or thought process of the person.

    Also, their actions and addiction liability has profound medico-legal implications. A forensic pharmacologist can help in achieving this vision with the better use of analytical methods to detect the doping and can also help in avoiding accidental use of ergogenic drugs by athletes.

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    Additionally, they can also advise on the drug interactions and use of drugs for therapeutic purposes in athletes. Blood levels The forensic pharmacologist can assess and analyze the blood samples of a person to determine high and borderline doses, signs of toxicity, lack of therapeutic effect, or a suspected case of poor adherence. The pharmacologist can also closely monitor the narrow therapeutic range of different drugs such as digoxin, lithium, or theophylline.

    The forensic pharmacologist can interpret the concentration of alcohol in blood and its typical effects. Pharmacokinetics is employed to measure the blood level of alcohol at the time of the alleged crime.

    Drug interactions, synergistic or antagonistic effect of different drugs on alcohol absorption or metabolism, and the disease state present in the individual can be easily assessed by the forensic pharmacologist and provide a great help to the medico-legal and judicial system.

    There are many cases where a forensic pharmacologist can provide a testimonial such as use of drug or poison as a weapon, mental impairment caused due to the effect of a medication, or the use of a specific drug as the reason for criminal aggression. Drugs are frequently used in suicide attempts and as a tool of homicide or sexual assault.

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    Pharmaceutical ethics. The Pharmacy Act The University Grants Commission U.

    Act The drugs and magic remedies Objectionable advertisements Act and rules The Drugs and Cosmetics Act and rules Medicinal and Toilet Preparations Excise duties Act and rules The Industries Development and regulations Act The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act and rules National blood policy.

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