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    NMMU Undergraduate Prospectus – Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Created August 16, ; Author StudentRoom; Category Student Info . Guidelines for admission to undergraduate programmes. General notes. .. Prospective students who would like to study at NMMU in and apply . programmes can be confirmed in the university prospectus or by the Admissions Office. The complete University Prospectus consists of the following parts: Transitional General Rules for Undergraduate Qualifications. University ( NMMU), but on 21 July it was officially re-launched as Nelson Business and Economic Sciences: Ms V Smith ( – ).

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    Nmmu Prospectus 2016 Pdf

    About NMMU. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) has the .. Admission. to. an. undergraduate. programme. will. be. further. . October NMMU's seven faculties offer a wide range of postgraduate research and .. honours programmes is the same as for undergraduate programmes –. 6 August of. This Prospectus is applicable only to the academic year. Information RE- ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS FOR UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMMES

    Registration sessions have been scheduled for students who may require assistance with their module selection. You will be prompted for a username and password. The mobile version of the Student Portal will be loaded. Student cards Please note that you are no longer required to renew your student card. This will be done automatically once you are registered as a student for Parking permits The parking permit is free but compulsory for your safety. You must have the following details regarding the vehicle: model year and make, colour of the vehicle and the vehicle registration number. Students who register online may send an to Please include your student number and the details of your vehicle as specified above. A parking permit will be printed and sent to the drop-off point on that campus. Down payment amounts down payment amounts before registration can commence This amount will be credited towards your student fees account. Previous debt for returning students must be settled. EFTs must indicate that the transaction was successfully processed. Internet and direct bank payments do NOT 1 5 reflect immediately on your student account and processing may take up to two days.

    If a programme is full, you may be denied admission even though you meet the minimum requirements. So apply early! Applicants with international or foreign qualifications must satisfy the requirements laid down by the Matriculation Board to qualify for a certificate exemption for a particular international or foreign school leaving qualification. In the case of applications by candidates who have studied at other higher education institutions accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority SAQA , the results obtained at such institutions will be considered, together with their academic record and certificate of conduct.

    How do you apply? Please note that online applications are only open from the end of April onwards and only for first time undergraduate applicants. Before completing the application form and paying the application fee, please take note of the minimum admission requirements for the programme of your choice.

    Include certified copies of your identity document and school reports. Applications for admissions should be submitted by 1 August. Late applications will still be considered up to 5 December and thereafter but only if the applicant meets the direct entry requirements and at a higher application fee. Hand in your fully completed application form, see the first page of the application form for a checklist , as well as the prescribed application fee, to the Admissions Office on any NMMU campus, or post to the following address: See the application form for details of payment methods.

    Application fees are non-refundable. To apply go to www. Facebook Comments. Verify that the amount paid, bank account and student number without the s prefix reflect correctly on your deposit slip. Allow two 2 business days for processing. A copy of the direct deposit or electronic payment should be in your possession for enquiry purposes. NMMU does not issue receipts for direct deposits and electronic payments made via the bank account or for payments received by mail.

    The Student Accounts Guide contains all the rules and regulations pertaining to student fees and will be ed to students. The letter of authority must be submitted annually to the Student Accounts section before registration, but not later than 11 January Letters of authority will only be accepted from pre-approved companies and are subject to the approval of NMMU.

    Sponsorship and bank loan confirmation letters must indicate that payments will be made directly to NMMU and must contain your student number an application for a loan or bursary is not acceptable. This letter must confirm sponsorship.

    Sponsorship letters may not contain commitment conditions and conditions that are subject to academic performance. The signee may not be the student. Such letters will not be accepted. Sponsorship documentation for current registration will only be considered if all outstanding debt is paid in full prior to registration.

    The sponsorship amount should be equal to or exceed the upfront down payment required for You will be expected to pay the difference before registration if the sponsorship amount is less than the down payment required.

    Clearance must be obtained from the Student Accounts section before registration. A copy of the letter should be in your possession during registration. Automatic clearance for registration is granted provided that all previous debt has been settled in full. In some instances, residence fees will not be covered by the NSFAS loan and the student will be required to make the residence down payment.

    Residence students Please note that you have to pay: the down payment towards your tuition fees and the down payment towards your accommodation fees a breakage deposit is applicable to all residence students.

    The relevant amount will be debited to your student account. Opening of residences for returning students 25 January On-campus residence students can register online for residence. You can do this from home or the nearest facility where internet access is available or from a suitable mobile device. Official notices NMMU s preferred way of officially communicating with students is via. All NMMU communication will be sent to this address. Please read your s on a regular basis. It will be accepted that you have received an official communication if such communication has been ed to your NMMU student address.

    This data is protected by your PIN, student number and date of birth and 4 8 includes your exam results, progress reports, financial statement and academic record. You can select to close this access by selecting the Opt Out option.


    Copy of the relevant bank payment s must be in your possession. If you paid via the bank after 11 January , did you a copy of your payment confirmation to for clearance before reporting to the registration venue? If you are sponsored for , did you a copy of your confirmation letter to section by 11 January ?

    If not, did you pay the difference before registration? Nursing Science programmes: Professional board payment receipts must be produced at registration.

    Assistance will be available to complete your registration process. Proceed to the proof of registration station.

    Please check your registered modules on your proof of registration very carefully for any discrepancies. Ensure that all your modules for have been captured. You can also make use of the student portal to view your lecture timetable under the timetable link. You will receive a diary. Students who registered online from home may collect a diary from our information counters.

    Residence registration if applicable On-campus residence students can register online for residence. Parking permits if applicable. Please remember to bring your motor vehicle registration number. You also have to provide details regarding the make and colour of the vehicle. Pre-registration is the process of checking that students meet the legal requirements for registration i.

    2015 Science Prospectus

    Pre-registration will take place from Wednesday, 18 January until Friday, 3 February All international students are required to complete pre-registration before registration.

    Please refer to the registration programme in this guide. Report to Senior Registration station and submit the following documents: Original documents where required Valid passport and a valid study permit Receive your registration form Continue with the registration process and follow the steps as set out above steps 2 to 6.

    International Office, Room , Building 87, Campus Room , Building 11, Campus Room , Building 11, Campus Registration queries If your registration has been blocked for financial reasons: You will be referred to the Student Accounts station in the registration venue. A staff member will provide the necessary information.

    NMMU Undergraduate Prospectus – Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University – smelarpeppame.ml

    Copies of payments made via NMMU s bank account are required at all times. If your registration has been blocked for administrative reasons: Your ID document might be outstanding or you might have been excluded for academic reasons.

    You will be referred to the Student Records station in the registration venue.

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